Design and production by Curt Clason.
Legionary photos by Gary Junker.
Thanks to Mario Padilla AKA Gaius Marius Trajanus of the Legio Ninth Hispana for providing and modeling the equipment and to Sean Richards AKA Gaius Valerius Tacitus Hibernicus, also of the Ninth, for all his help.
Officer photos are of the Ermine Street Guard. Photos used from the ESG Website by permission. Thanks go to Rod Sayers of the Guard.

This site would not be possible without the help of these two excellent Roman re-creationist groups.
Legio IX Hispana Based in San Diego.
Ermine Street Guard Based in Britain.



The purpose of this page is to create a fun and useful historical reference that will hopefully become popular and possibly expand to cover more subjects.

This page is still growing. If you have good pictures of tools or other gear please contact me. I am also planning on adding an auxilliary page if I can get enough material. I have had to rely on the goodwill of my friends and the generosity of re-creationists to build this site and they have all been very helpful. My thanks go out to all.

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